New and improved documentation

Earlier in the week, we sent out a short survey to our awesome beta testers, asking them what they would most like to see added to or improved upon in Myna.

One of the common responses was a request to improve our documentation. So, we’ve done it, and you can access the new and improved documentation from the ‘help’ tab above, or from this handy link.

We’ve made lots of changes, improving significantly on the organisation and layout, and adding a shiny new demo page for the javascript client library, complete with code samples.

Demo page for the Javascript client library

We’ll continue working on the documentation to make sure it’s as complete and helpful as possible. We hope that this initial change will make it easier and faster to start A/B testing with Myna.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the documentation (or anything else), please let us know using our contact form.


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