Oxygen Accelerator

Greetings from Myna HQ!

It’s been a veritable whirlwind of excitement since our last post.

Firstly, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve been accepted onto the Oxygen Accelerator program at BSP-A. This is a 13-week bootcamp for startups, providing access to mentors, introductions to investors, and (importantly) office space.

The information and advice we’re receiving is golden, and we’re having an absolute blast. We’ll admit to being a bit nervous about being locked in a room with a gang of hungry startups, but they’re a great bunch, with some fantastic ideas, and we really do wish them well on their way.

And if nothing else, we have a captive audience.

tweet from Upcloo


While we’re absorbing information like a pair of parched sponges, we’re also hard at work on Myna itself. We’re working on some refinements to the UI and reporting features, and rolling out changes to the support system – our help pages are getting a bit of a polish, and we’ve just given our internal metrics tracking a significant boost, integrating with Mixpanel.

We also seem to have adopted a small robot.

Tiny robot, Myna's Oxygen mascot

Isn’t he cute?

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